Bert Meijboom

Vice-President/Principal Geologist

Bert Meijboom, a native of the Netherlands, holds a doctorate in Geology.  Early in his career, Bert spent several years in Southern Africa working as an exploration geologist in the coal industry, and continued work in this industry in many parts of the world, thanks to his multi-language skills.  In 1989, Bert became the first full-time geologist in the South African dimension stone industry, where he was employed by one of the world’s largest granite producing companies. During his career, Bert has worked for international exploration companies including Shell Coal, BP Coal and Marlin Granite. 

His experience in this industry ultimately brought him to the United States.  In this capacity, he was responsible for field team planning, managing data collection systems, supervising analytical procedures, conducting feasibility studies, and developing and implementing environmental controls.  In the U.S., Bert was also involved in new quarry startup and mine permitting.   In North Carolina, Bert was responsible for developing several granite quarries in the Charlotte Belt near Salisbury, NC and in the Triassic Basin near Culpeper, Virginia.

Since 2000, Bert has applied his geological skills in the geo-environmental consulting industry. He has conducted geological studies for highway and bridge construction in West Virginia, road and slope stability projects, groundwater studies, stream analyses, and numerous hydrological projects, including water regime assessments of drainage areas and associated design flood calculations, spillway computations for dam modifications and new dam designs that included hydrological analyses using HEC-1 and HEC-2 modeling.  He has also performed Phase I and II environmental site assessments, and provided expert witness services in a number of DOT dimension stone cases.