Northwest Geoscience offers services to clients in the residential, commercial and industrial, and governmental markets.  By following the links below, you can explore some of those services.  Please feel free to contact us if we can be of service to you.

Residential Services in North Carolina

Residential environmental services are those that help identify and address potential hazards that exist in residential environments, be they single-family homes or multi-tenant complexes.  There are a few important rules to observe that can help you make a good choice in selecting a place to live, or improve the safety level of your current dwelling.

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Commercial and Industrial Services

Northwest Geoscience offers a wide array of services tailored to Commercial and Industrial users.  These range from industry standard practices such as Environmental Site Assessments through work customized to the specifics of your project, be it research, sampling and analysis, or assistance with aspects of regulatory compliance.   The links below will lead you to a more thorough description of several key services.  If your project does not appear to match with these services, please contact us and we'll be glad to respond.

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Government and Municipal Services

Municipalities faces myriad challenges to provide vital services to its citizens.  Clean drinking water, sanitation, sanitary sewage handling, vegetation control, street maintenance, storm water management and recycling are just the beginning.  Northwest Geoscience is experienced in providing local governmental bodies the expertise required to identify, evaluate, and safely use critical resources.

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